Brady Financial

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Financial Security for Corporations and Individuals

  • Founded in Burlington in 1999
  • Strength of the company is experienced employees, dedicated to client service
  • Focuses on the financial security of its customers (wealth and health)

“The company is run like a large corporation, with 3 and 5-year strategic plans and insistence ondeveloping new, unique and proprietary programs,” 

Kevin Brady is a personable leader, an entrepreneur who is not afraid to take chances in life. By 1998, he had an enviable track record of more than 10 years in management with well-respected London Life Insurance. He headed up employee benefits offices in London, Calgary and Burlington, as regional manager for southern Ontario.

It was a comfortable berth; but in 1999 Brady, 46, who calls himself a “real entrepreneur,” decided to open his own company, providing employee benefits for corporations. It was a bold change of life direction. Brady had been in regional and senior management for many years, so that when he struck out on his own he didn’t have a single customer.

“It was a huge decision,” recalls Brady, who chose to locate in Burlington for its high quality of life and amenities for his family. “Typically, when people leave a job to start their own business, they have customers they can bring over to their company.”

Starting with a single employee [I wasn’t even sure how I was going to pay her,” he recalls], Brady has built a national company that focuses “on the total financial security” of its corporate clients.

And, in stark contrast to its fledgling start-up situation, as Brady Financial prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, the company has grown into a national entity. Its 14 employees service over 400 corporate clients that encompass a very impressive 32,000 employees. 
True to his roots, Brady built the company on the expertise he and his employees (many of whom worked for him at London Life) have gained over the years in the “employee benefits” sector.

From there, Brady Financial branched out: the company’s divisions include its Dynamic Benefits Solution (employee benefits), Advanced Security Solution, (for business owners/executives), while the Personal Security Solution, headed by up Kevin’s wife, Barb, provides insurance and financial solutions for individuals and employees.

“The company is run like a large corporation, with 3 and 5-year strategic plans and insistence ondeveloping new, unique and proprietary programs,” says Brady, who holds an Honours Bachelorof Commerce from Laurentian University. Brady Financial’s most recent initiative is VIP HealthOptions.

VIP Health Options

Brady knows full well that one of the prime reasons that entrepreneurial companies fail or closeis due to ill health on the part of the owner or key executive, which explains why he launched anew division, VIP Health, in June 2007, which provides comprehensive health care solutions forCanadians nationally.

Described as “roadside assistance for your health at your fingertips,” by an enthused member, the program is a unique, comprehensive healthcare plan that focuses on prevention, early diagnosis and the fastest access to the best healthcare in the world.

The idea behind VIP Health Options has so appealed to business owners and executives that Brady recently spun off this division into a separate company. In addition, Brady has set up a distributor network for VIP Health Options across Canada.

Honoured by the community

In 2007, Kevin Brady — regarded by Burlington Mayor Cam Jackson as “a leader by example and a cornerstone of our community” — was named Burlington Citizen of the Year.

Brady is a dedicated family man, and community booster. His belief is that through active involvement as a volunteer, he can enrich life for his family: wife Barb and children Tim, 17, Matt, 14 and Lauren, 11, and for the community at large.

Currently chair of the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation, Brady has been very active in the YMCA Hamilton/Burlington and with Rotary International. He has also volunteered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, Kidney Foundation and the Canadian Diabetes Foundation.

Brady is also quick to point out the “immense contribution” of his employees. This includes for organizations such as Run for the Cure, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, The Kidney Foundation, Rotary and the Burlington International Games.

Through its annual golf tournament, Brady Financial has raised more than $300,000. Fully 100% of these funds have been donated to the YMCA’s Strong Kids program. As a result of Brady Financial’s efforts, 3,000 children attend Y camps or programs they could not otherwise afford.

Strong Annual Growth

The company’s success is driven by its employees, insists Brady, remarking that his employees are “passionate” about customer service. This company-wide focus, coupled with deep industry expertise, is reflected in the company’s client retention rate which trends significantly above the industry average.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by an independent company, which drew a very high 40 percent response rate, dramatically shows how well Brady Financial is servicing its clients. 93% of Brady Financial’s clients reported a 5 out of 5 (overwhelmingly satisfied) rating, with the balance of clients ranking Brady Financial as 4 out of 5 (extremely satisfied).