Intellectual Property Management and Counselling

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Securing your intellectual property is only the first step.  It has to be followed by a clear and distinct plan to maintain and protect your intellectual property in the years to come.  We have years of experience in advising clients on the implementation of powerful strategies and techniques to manage their intellectual property portfolios.  We assist you to identify and resolve potential pitfalls concerning your intellectual property portfolio in fields such as development, ownership, legal protection, and use.   In particular we provide the following services:

  • Conducting audits of your intellectual property portfolio
  • Developing and implementing policies for the management of your intellectual property assets to strengthen your legal rights and protections
  • Counselling management and employees on maximizing the value of your intellectual property portfolio
  • Maximizing the value and integrity of your intellectual property portfolio by assessing use and licensing
  • Identifying opportunities to increase your competitive strength through your intellectual property portfolio

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