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Whether supporting our commercial and corporate clients or acting in civil litigation, our lawyers support clients in the courtroom and with arbitration and mediation proceedings as part of our progressive and wide-ranging scope of legal services.

Advocacy Skills, Knowledge and Experience

When faced with controversy regarding your personal and/or business matters – unsettled disagreements between two or more parties can lead to an appearance in a court of law. At this point, you no longer have complete control over the situation and must now plead your case to a judge and/or jury.

FDH Lawyers has the solid reputation for effectively acting on behalf of clients and successfully serving as their 'voice' in the courtroom. Litigation is a common way that people and companies can come to a conclusion pertaining to their disputes. By carefully weighing the facts, our team of lawyers consistently aid in resolutions regarding the toughest civil litigation cases, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.

With FDH Lawyers as your legal advocate – take advantage of the many years of experience and knowledge that our partners, associates, legal counsel, and assistants possess. We've appeared in front of an impressive range of trial and appellant courts, as well as administrative tribunals. Our professional approach for preparing your case is to explore all likely possibilities – making sure to select alternatives to satisfy your particular circumstances. We are ready to fight for a fair and satisfying decision on your behalf.

When looking for affordable legal representation – our law firm furnishes a support staff with access to the latest technological resources that touch upon the following fields

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Breach of Contract and Contract Enforcement
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Construction Lien Actions
  • Debtor/Creditor
  • Estate and Trust Litigation
  • Environmental Litigation, Defense of Compliance Orders and Prosecutions
  • Family
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Disputes
  • Information Technology
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Insurance
  • Intentional Torts and Negligence (including Personal Injury and Product Liability)
  • Labour and Employment
  • Oppression Remedy and Shareholder Representation under the Ontario Business Corporations Act and the Canada Business Corporations Act
  • Regulatory Offences (Provincial Court of Ontario)
  • Trademark and Patent Litigation
  • Wrongful Dismissal

Sometimes, disputing parties wish to avoid the mental and emotional struggles of litigation and may benefit from Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Arbitration and mediation are popular methods for resolving conflicts, where the members of our civil litigation team truly shine with their expertise. We are proud to share our knowledge and experience in ADR services to assist disputing parties in coming to a sensible compromise.  This has been especially helpful with our corporate/commercial and information technology law clients.

Our Team of Litigation Lawyers