FDH Hall of Art

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In January 2003, FDH Lawyers opened a permanent art display known as “The Hall of Art” in support of the Burlington Fine Arts Association and emerging local artists.

FDH and the Arts

By transforming a portion of the law firm’s expansive reception area into an art gallery, complete with professional lighting, a formal judging process and 7-week showings, the joint venture helps promote a vital part of the local arts community to the general public. 

As stated by Brian Heagle at the grand opening, “We believe that the strength of a community is defined, in large part, by its cultural activities.  The business sector in Burlington makes valuable financial contributions, but it can also play an important role in supporting the visual and performing arts in other meaningful ways by volunteering its time, energy and resources.  The “Hall of Art” concept is one example.  Ultimately, we hope that this model will encourage and challenge others to make a similar commitment to actively participate with local artists and groups for everyone’s benefit.”

Visit the Hall of Art

You are encouraged to attend and be part of this exciting joint initiative, without charge, by visiting our office during our regular business hours. We also encourage you to visit the Burlington Fine Arts Association Website to learn about their upcoming activities and exhibits.