Real Estate Law

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Our Team of Real Estate Lawyers work on everything from the acquisition, development, mortgaging and sale of both commercial and residential real property.

Beyond the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

With more than 20 years experience representing clients in the acquisition, development, mortgaging and sale of real estate property, FDH Lawyers has been a trusted advisor in thousands upon thousands of commercial and residential real estate property and mortgage transactions. 

In order to successfully "seal the deal" in the world of real estate, it takes a great deal of proficiency and an understanding of the local real estate market. We are eager to expand upon our proven track record and continue to work closely with clients sorting out the legal matters of both commercial and residential property transactions, including:

  • the Purchase/Sale of Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial and Residential Property Development

Not only does our real estate legal team look beyond real estate matters to see more than just the inevitable flow of buying and selling of properties, but we also recognize the positive effects of real estate transactions as a vital component of growth and necessary change.

We challenge you to put our real estate lawyers and legal assistants to the test, as every financial victory and prosperous real estate transaction ultimately leads to additional economic benefits for the overall community. Delivering legal advice and representation at an affordable cost is a service that the FDH Lawyers team takes great pride in.

Our Team of Real Estate Law Lawyers