Dalton Timmis Insurance Group

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The Perfect Fit for Your Insurance Needs

  • Created in 1997 by the merger of two of Hamilton's oldest and most respected brokerages. 
  • A "niche" national insurance broker offering specialized programs and lines to targeted market sectors. 
  • One of the premier independent brokerages in Southern Ontario 
  • Three offices: Ancaster, Burlington and Calgary.

“In today's inurance world, you can't just sit around and hope that your phone will ring.” 

For more than a decade, high above Main Street in downtown Hamilton, and passed by thousands of drivers each day, towers a billboard advertising Dalton Timmis Insurance Group, Inc. The billboard features the smiling faces of the company's three partners - Brian Timmis, Domenic Tesone and Gregory Padovani.

In many ways, the billboard mirrors Dalton Timmis' "commanding” position as one of the premier independent insurance brokerages in southern Ontario. It also exemplifies the assertiveness, innovation and creativity that is sparking the company's evolution into a truly national insurance broker, featuring uniquely special programs and lines.

Created in 1997 with the merger of two highly-respected Hamilton insurance companies — Dalton Insurance Brokers Limited and Saunders and Timmis Insurance Brokers Ltd. — today the company operates from three offices: Ancaster, Burlington, and, most recently, Calgary.

The Ancaster location handles Commercial, Transportation and Personal Programs, while the Burlington location specializes in Home, Auto, and Specialty Lines. The Calgary office retails Personal, Commercial and Group Insurance, specializing in the sale of Motorcycle Insurance.

That Dalton Timmis continues the long-standing tradition of its forbearer companies for excellence in client service is undisputed: in 2007, for the second consecutive year, Dalton Timmis was voted "Favourite Local Insurance Company," garnering a Platinum Award in the Hamilton Spectator's Readers' Choice Awards.

Anticipating clients’ needs

The billboard also highlights Dalton Timmis' philosophy and strategy for growth: to become "top of mind" and "the insurance company of choice" in the mind of the business community and with individual clients.

In the highly-competitive insurance sector, many insurance brokers choose to expand through acquisition. In contrast, Dalton Timmis chooses to differentiate itself "by creating a unique set of new and exclusive programs that satisfy certain risk requirements in targeted specific sectors," explains Padovani.

"In today's insurance world, you can't just sit around and hope that your phone will ring," says Tesone. "You have to make it ring. We go out into the community and see what people are looking for, what their needs are."

The company's "Home for Chrome Division" targeted, niche program is a prime example where Dalton Timmis saw — and acted — on a market opportunity, explains Timmis.

"Insurance brokers have traditionally tended to shy away from insuring motorcycles because of the high risk involved with death and injury. We saw this sector as an opportunity and developed our Home for Chrome Division powered by Dalton Timmis, by creating specialized programs for a defined group of motorcyclists and certain types of bikes," he explains.

"We have opened this program up to other insurance brokers as well. This enables them to offer this product line to their clients through us, without the fear that we will be attacking their clients' other lines of their business."

This same philosophy for innovation carries through to Dalton Timmis' Alberta division where the company launched its group home and auto insurance program to members of the CPA (Calgary Police Association). The division also offers its group personal lines program geared to individuals in the oil and gas sector (NRG Insurance) and to members of the Alberta Motor Transport Association (Truxsure). These new clients will be the catalyst for Dalton Timmis’ commercial and transportation (Alberta) divisions.

Dalton Timmis' strategic, targeted programs are paying off. While the company provides all kinds of insurance, its various specialized programs allow it to cross referral its services to clients. By specializing, Dalton Timmis has enjoyed "double digit revenue growth year after year," says Timmis. And, most importantly, its wide range of insurance services means the company can anticipate and meet all of its clients' insurance needs.

Open door corporate culture

This respect for innovation — for creating new and enriched niche programs — permeates the entire Dalton Timmis corporate culture. Right across the entire employment spectrum, each person's voice is heard and respected.

The three partners have no titles. This equal management structure, coupled with an open door policy that encourages the 103 employees to suggest new programs, has helped Dalton Timmis attract some of the best and brightest employees in the insurance sector.

Padovani, Timmis and Tesone are all from the Hamilton/Burlington area, and one of their key mandates is to give back to the communities in which they operate.

Through their three offices, Dalton Timmis is a proud contributor to many charitable organizations, including Ride For Sight, Burlington Community Foundation, Carpenter Hospice, Joseph Brant Hospital, City Kidz, Juravinski Cancer Centre, Mission Services, Hamilton Food Services, Good Shepherd and B'nai B'rith.